Hi! I'm Jenn

 I grew up in East Aurora NY and am lucky to live in a community that supports the talents of artists with so many wonderful opportunities. In high school, I discovered a passion for the fine arts and photography. I enjoyed trying many different medias and winning awards for acrylic, water color, photography and pastel. I went on to study at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, graduating with a degree in graphic design. While there I was passionate about photo journalism and volunteered for the promotion agency Nakturnal, The ONE Campaign, Warp Tour, Invisible Children and other guerrilla marketing campaigns. 

     Since moving back to NY, I've discovered my love for photography to be the strongest. I'm passionate about having made photography my career, skillfully, unobtrusively, and creatively capturing the special moments and interactions between people and their loved ones through wedding and portrait photography.

    Many women say they hate having their pictures taken, I offer more than a photo session, I offer an experience you will love, we will have fun and laugh, the ending results are beautiful because you are beautiful! I wake up everyday grateful for this opportunity and I love what I do!

​    My work is for the art lover, the one who doesn't just want any art on their walls, they want to be the art on their wall. They want to be in that far away place only their dreams have reached.They want to live on in their memories, perfectly captured, lasting a lifetime.

 Let me create for you, a one of a kind masterpiece. I use many techniques to arrive at a finished piece. From the first steps of planning, sewing dresses, scouting locations, to the execution of the shoot, and on to the editing process, every second I'm fully absorbed by my passion to create images that tell your story through my style of imagery.

​    To me photography is about artistically preserving the spirit, emotion, and energy of a moment.  The quiet where you speak with your soul. I will stop time for you, those memories are the most precious thing you will own and my goal is to help you preserve them with high quality images 

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