Conceptual photography: is a type of photography that illustrates an idea

These are the most fun sessions for me because I truly enjoy the challenge of using my creativity alongside all the technicals skills that I've learned over the years as a photographer toillustrate a vision. 

Creative control and designing of this session can be entrusted to me to create you something completely unique and magical. Or if you already have a vision in mind we can collaborate together to create a stunning masterpiece! 

Our first step is to get together and talk about a vision. Something that represents you! We talk colors, places, dreams, passions, fashion, to get a feel of the look we are trying to achieve. Perhaps you have a love for history and wish to be portrayed in medieval time fantasy scene. Dramatic lighting and special effects are used to create erie mysterious atmospheres. We work together to get a general idea of what will be needed. 

Many of the dresses seen here in the images were created by me, Either by repurposing materials found or by hand sewing garments and head pieces. I go to all lengths so you can be the art on your walls!

One of my clients was a huge fan of snow white. I scouted locations and found a erie wooded scene perfect for a levitation session. Apples on the ground was a perfect added touch! Sometimes their is no perfect location for what we are envisioning. I work out the best possible spot and the rest of the image is completed using advanced editing methods. Sometimes I work for a week on just one image, Sometimes images from multiple locations need to be gathered and compiled to make a single image. An example of this is of Amanda in the pink dress, at the edge of a pool of water with the misty forest behind her. 

Hair and makeup is another important aspect and this also goes into planning and final look. I work with some of the most talented people in the industry. The type of creative people who are always going to conventions and taking workshops to stay on top of the creative trends and techniques, I absolutely love my team and their ability to share my vision! 

If you are the type that longs to be the art on your walls, then this session is for you!


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